Petite Pretty Polly Gets Her Rudeness Excused

You’ve heard it before:

Oh she’s such a fire cracker! I love it.

Whether it’s fire cracker, spunky, sassy, or tough little thing, people are constantly excusing petite pretty women’s rudeness. And I guess it’s not their fault; society (including their female counterparts) showed them from the second their petite prettiness emerged in their toddler years that it’s funny, acceptable, even endearing to see them wound up, spitting one negative comment after the other, cracking jokes publicly at others’ expense, calling out the predictable truths about their peers everyone else is too sensitive to say.

You’ve heard the saying that if a guy is attractive, he’s being friendly, but if he’s not, it’s sexual harassment. This phenomenon follows the same logic.

Petite Pretty Polly is a firecracker while Average Annie and Big Bertha are just rude.



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