Annoying 2013 Language Trend: “You’re Doing It Wrong.”

One thing I find myself doing during this time of the year is thinking back on all the annoying trends that took flight during the past 12 months (I also think about the positive ones too, don’t worry). Last year it was the ever-lingering mustache on a stick photo booth prop that still hasn’t gone away. Voy a vomitar just thinking about it.

The one that really grinds my burrs this year is the “You’re Doing It Wrong” phrase that unfortunately is just now reaching its tipping point, and will probably be running on high-octane fuel through at least the first quarter of 2014.

What the phrase is really saying is, “you’re doing life wrong because you’re not doing it like me.” It’s dripping with arrogance and self-obsession. To the people who let this garbage come out of their mouths, you’re doing it wrong.


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