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A Self-Obsessed Blowhard’s Journey to Humility

One thing I love about God is his faithfulness to unravel a mystery. For me, they’re often mental. How can I stop people pleasing? What is the proper venue to share the gospel with my friends? When should I stay silent and when should I speak up? How do I love without condoning? Am I […]


The Sensation of Having Run of a Ranch

There’s something about having run of a ranch that makes you feel big and small; powerful and insignificant.

The Gender Controversy: Can We Still Celebrate Men?

These days, society is very uncertain about gender differences and the idea of complementarianism. But when I see a video like this, I can’t help but smile at and appreciate the particular aura and camaraderie male friends have with one another. This is just one example of their specific set of proclivities. Putting myself in […]

Ex Bashing: Self-Deception and Emotional Immaturity

It’s become such a permanent fixture to conversations about exes, it’s possible we’re too close to see it. But when we talk about our exes as if they were things that didn’t accessorize our lives properly, we are dehumanizing and devaluing a person. With all the obsessive pontificating we do about our own psychology, we […]

Regretted Progress

I realized today I’ve been operating from a false gospel. My entire adult life, I’ve associated societal progression with point of no return. This is why, I thought, conservatives are so fearful of liberal politics. That once the majority agrees thisĀ is the direction we need to head socially, it’s very difficult to bust a u-y. […]

Adolescent Poetry: Lou’s Hamburger and Fries (2008)

Lou’s Hamburger and Fries Over chilled mugs of malt chocolate shakes, hearts sparked as their straws touched in the ice cream drink, and the idea of shared mouth fluids melting together at the bottom of the glass brought beads of sweat to drop on the red polyester booths, torn with time after time of locals […]

Annoying 2013 Language Trend: “You’re Doing It Wrong.”

One thing I find myself doing during this time of the year is thinking back on all the annoying trends that took flight during the past 12 months (I also think about the positive ones too, don’t worry). Last year it was the ever-lingering mustache on a stick photo booth prop that still hasn’t gone […]

Petite Pretty Polly Gets Her Rudeness Excused

You’ve heard it before: Oh she’s such a fire cracker! I love it. Whether it’s fire cracker, spunky, sassy, or tough little thing, people are constantly excusing petite pretty women’s rudeness. And I guess it’s not their fault; society (including their female counterparts) showed them from the second their petite prettiness emerged in their toddler […]